VMS Production Studio

What you imagine, is already in your hands!


Imagine getting in your personalized set-up tv room, ready to start by video broadcast, led lights, and a highly-skilled technical staff ready to support you in any stage of your event, from the project to the production.

Now jump on the stage and start talking, your audience is connected by streaming, videoconference, and social networks.

You are on live, now play your game, we’ll be there at your side.

The best technologies, including men & women, at your disposal.

01 Ledwall 5.50 mt x 3.50 mt

03 Ledwall 1mt x 3.50mt

01 Resolume Media Server

01 Mixer Grafico

02 L-Acoustics X8 monitoring

01 Allen&Heat C3500

01 Allen&Heat CDM 64/32

20 Moving heads Robe led wash/beam

06 ProLights Wash Par Led

04 Prolights Eclipse

20 Prolights barre led 1mt

Regia video flypack 3 camere

Mixer video Panasonic HS-450

Control surface forPanasonic HS-450

Monitor 32” 2k Benq multiview

VTR Aja KiPro Rack

Matrix HD/SDI 16×16

Matrix DVI

Panasonic camera 2/3” full-hd

Lens Canon HD 2/3” 13x wide

Lens Canon HD 2/3” 17x

Roland XS-84 matrix/scaler

Monitor 55″ 4K for video return

Mac Pro for video content

Cisco Videoconference structure



Live social

The Beginning of a New Age.


The world faced a new challenge, now it’s in our hands to adapt and generate an efficient answer, with something special.

Projecting an “Event 2.0” means to plan the future, keeping sustainable costs, the flexibility of the human resources, total quality management of your event.

The full-hd telepresence allows you to create special moments for safe meetings

The videoconferences and webinars produced by CISCO and the streaming services are dramatically affordable and safe tools. Their use produces a significant reduction of the physical movements, reducing consequentially the impact on the environment and generate a strong reduction of the costs for your company.

We support your business strategies in a sustainable and safe way.



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